PS5 Gets “Erebus or Oberon” & XBOX Scarlet Takes “Arden” Custom AMD APUs Powered By RDNA 2.0 Architecture According To Latest Leaks

Exciting news for today is AMD’s custom made APUs named “Erebus or Oberon” for PS5 and “Arden” for XBOX Scarlet gaming consoles leaked online via Planet3DNow. The processor unit will be based on Zen 2 7nm+ transistor technology with probably chiplet design separated from 12nm IO chips for both PS5 and XBOX. Whopping 8 Cores 16 Threads configuration for each gaming consoles. Furthermore, graphics processing unit will include Navi chips enhanced by RDNA 2.0 architecture.

Courtesy of Planet3DNow

Previously, Mark Cenry the Lead PS5 Architect claimed that PS5 is getting fastest SSD with big amount of storage which enables to store and run older game titles since PS5 is backward compatible. SSDs also will improve the game loading times by significant margin compared HDD based PS4 series. Open world game titles always require huge amount of time to load the next opening scene therefore SSDs will solve that issue. Plus 8k gaming resolution experience is expected for immersive visuals due to AMD’s latest graphics technology. In these days, many enthusiasts speculated that PS5 will come out around April in 2020.

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