Radeon RX 590 Testing on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare at 1080p with Max Settings

Under $250 GPU actually can play any game at 1080p but how about COD: MW that has rich maps with realistic visuals. For budget Pc gaming this card is one of the perfect from Radeon family. Those who think budget PC is still good solution in playing multiplayer games this GPU may assist you at 1080p resolution but do not think of 4k and 1440p. John Mellinger Youtube channel tests his RX 590 with core i7 4770k at 1080p maxed settings. D3D12 FPS testing app could help him reveal frame rates on playing the game.


He plays in a very rich map that consists of many highly graphical things. The game is still in Beta regime, so the map is unconfirmed. CS: GO is quite lighter than this game. You can feel slow motion from jumping, CS: GO’s players truly enjoy with the fastest engine. There are a lot of improvements to be done to COD: MW 2019

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Around 66 degrees in Celcius dwells inside RX 590, that’s the good temperature for this game. But above 50 degrees goes to the CPU from intel. At 1080p there should be no problem with thermals. If he increased to 1440p the PC hardware would become obsolete faster. Playing at 4k would be a disaster to his UX. So, keep gaming at 1080p in using RX 590 series.

Frame Time

Max 11ms frame time is amazing for RX 590 at 1080p but Beta brings joy here though we are not sure this test will be the same after the complete version releases.

Frame Rate

If you like playing multiplayer shooting games at 1080p, RX 590 is the perfect solution because steady 110 FPS is guaranteed. You must enjoy the game and be thankful to Radeon graphics for the cheap and fast GPU. I think you should not worry about flagship GPUs, at least 60 FPS on average can handle beautiful visuals from multiplayer games.

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