Remnant: From The Ashes: How To Defeat Exillis XV and Exillis XVI in Bloodshed on the Bridge

Two similar scary monsters wait for the hero on both sides of the bridge. Multiple legs and two hands allow them to do significant harm to your life. When I entered that area my blood pressure has increased because of fear. Seriously, their look and power are impressive causing death to the player several times. One funny thing is their green skirts remind me of my ex-girlfriend’s when she used to dress them for dating in mid-summer.

Solo Fight Against Ixillis Brothers

They have fantastic skills like sending dark balls, creating white balls that explode near the hero, horizontal spearing, vertical spearing and ultrasonic noise sending. The best solution to encounter their incredible powers is often jumping aside, self-healing and shooting their heads. Focus on one enemy while other gets a rest. It gets exciting when both enemies attack simultaneously making you a proactive player. Even sleepy guy might have a chilling mood while attacking them. The name of the area is chosen right. Yes, there is bloodshed: either I die or they get killed by my pistol and shotgun.

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Encountering other bosses have been easier because of hiding opportunities like columns, walls, rooms and more. But here I didn’t have any object for hiding and my healing consumable ran out quickly. Believe me, I died twice. I went back to the safe base for upgrading my weapons and buying new consumables. That helped me a lot in winning those big creatures.

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