Ryzen 9 3900X vs Ryzen 7 3700X – Which is Dominant in Testing 9 Games with RTX 2080 OC at 1080p Resolution

AMD is always proud of Ryzen 9 3900X since the launch caused a significant shortage due to enormous demand in U.S alone. Amazon and Newegg ran out of the CPU quickly. But how about Ryzen 7 3700X which is also great in rendering and productivity by showing excellent results. Can R7 3700X beat R9 3900X in gaming by scoring more in frame rates? Today you have an opportunity from Testing Games Youtube channel to see 9 gameplay tests which show a duel between them. Geforce RTX 2080 OC graphics card supports in playing the most popular games that are available in every corner of the globe.

In Project Cars both duel participants show the same 104 average FPS which tells no need to go for the flagship, better save money, my friend!

RPG game – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey makes R7 3700X sad about 109 average FPS. Only 2 avg FPS make R9 3900X a winner here. There is no strong reason to buy that high-end CPU – appears in my mind.

Again the same results appear here in Battlefield 5! R7 3700X is the most efficient in the eyes of flagship R9 3900X.

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Skinhead killer from Hitman 2 is amazing shooter but R7 3700X loses by 5 average FPS.

Nice! 104 average FPS appear on both sides in Metro Exodus gameplay.

The Witcher 3 makes R9 3900X superior by giving 3 extra avg FPS.

R9 3900X barely wins in Watchdogs 2.

GTA 5’s criminal in the police car fails to show that¬† R7 3700X could replace R9 3900X.

Only 5 avg FPS could allow R9 3900X to win in Rainbox Six Siege. Anyway, R7 3700X is amazing.

If the shortage of R9 3900X comes again consumers better should buy R7 3700X since it loses by a few avg FPS in gaming. Both have Zen 2 architecture and core count plays a very little role. You could save around $250 in buying R7 3700X.

Source: Testing Games via Youtube

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