Ryzen Threadripper 3000 Leaked Benchmarks Show Outstanding Scores. Can 32 Cores, 64 Threads Monster Meet Expectations?

One of the engineering samples of upcoming AMD’s Ryzen 3rd Gen Threadripper spotted in Geek Bench. AMD WhiteHavenOC-CP motherboard assisted to test the new unit. Model’s name is AMD Sharkstooth, maybe it is for internal use. 32 cores and 64 threads amaze with high numbers. Decent looking 3.6GHz base clock is not surprising while Ryzen 7 3600X has 3.9GHz. Releasing 3rd Gen Ryzen 9 lineups possibly killed 2nd Gen Threadrippers. Therefore, AMD will make Threadrippers superior over other 3rd Gen models. Of course, 3rd Gen Threadripper is more advanced in benchmarks since it shows a 35% greater score than the predecessor 2990WX. We can’t be sure for the testing unit is actually a flagship of Threadripper 3000 family.

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2nd Gen Threadripper Will Have a Price Cutting?

We know the previous models get cheaper when the company announces a new generation’s arrival. This is just a leak from Geek Bench. After the official announcement, maybe, Threadripper 2000 lineup will get cheaper for the company’s stock clearance. Flagship Threadripper 3000 is expected to cost around $1600 if we rely on the market price of 2990WX.

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Source: Geek Bench

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