Step by Step Guide to Set Video as Lock Screen Wallpaper on iPhone

Apple’s iPhone does not provide a video that is run on a lock screen and people try different ways to set their lovely memories. Early Symbian backed Nokia phones could do it with simple steps. Today we are going to share with a method that comes from Brandon Butch who is showing iPhone Xs and saying,

There has been a growing trend of people who want to be able to have videos on their iPhone lock screen in the form of a live photo. So you can see here a live photo. It’s just when you press down hard and you can see a little bit of what happened before and after taking the photo. You can see that’s a lot footer there but it’s not a video. This was actually just a photo with the live photos featured enabled. We’ll be showing you how to convert videos to live photos up to 30 seconds and have that as your lock screen background. Let’s not waste any time let’s go and get straight into this very quick tutorial.

The first thing you guys want to do is go ahead over to the app store and you want to search for an application called video to live all one word. You will see it right there has a white icon.

Once you have that downloaded go ahead and open it on up and this is the very first screen you’ll be presented with which is just going to be showing you all of the videos on your device.

From here obviously, you just want to find the video you want to set as your lock screen background. Just select it. So I’m going to choose one of these concert videos right here of juice world. I’ll just select this one right here and then at the bottom you can see here we do have a little trim tool and we do also have a play button right there. It does also show the length at the very top. Now it’s not the best application not the best UI. But it is one of the best ones we found that’s free and works perfectly fine.

We’re just going to go and click on play and this will give us a little preview of the video right here. Now it’s not going to be it doesn’t matter the orientation if it’s landscape or if you shot it in portrait mode it’s still going to show up fine on your lock screen. Don’t pay too much attention to that but if you click play you can go ahead and see you know what you want to be your background.

I just go ahead and crop it a little bit right here just so it starts right there then you can play it and also you can set the cover photo which is just before you press down hard the photo of the still photo that it shows on your lock screen.

Simply by just pausing it on there and tapping on make cover so we are going to trim th video here at the end a little bit as well. It’s gonna be a 24-second video which is under 30 seconds so that’s perfectly fine. Now I’m just going to scrub through and try to find the cover. What I want to be the still photo in this video. I’m just going to find one where it’s like right here so you’ll see that right there I just click on make cover.

Once you have this all trimmed up and you’ve selected your cover photo. Just go and click on convert and then it will create the live photo right here now. I have seen this application crash on this part a couple of times so if does crash just open it right back up and try it again. It usually works the second time around after it crashes and just keep in mind also that this does not work on iOS 13 I did try it on iOS 13 but the application has not been updated just yet to support iOS 13. You can see there it’s looking like it is going to finish and not crash that creates the live photo right here.

Once it does that it will give you an ad once you click X and will save it to your camera roll. Just wait for this code and click on X and there we go. It says complete your video has been converted to live photo and saved to your album Now, all we need to do is go into our settings.

Go down to wallpaper, choose new wallpaper camera roll, choose the photo that was just created or the video I should say that was just created make sure it’s on the live photo. Go to set and then go to set lock screen. This does not work on the home screen so just go ahead and do it for the lock screen right there and we’ll set it does take a little while if it is a pretty long video you saw mine was 24 seconds.

There we go. Go ahead and lock our device and then you can see that is the cover photo that we made tt look pretty cool when I press down and hold. You can see we have the full-length video right here it’s not just a few seconds. We have the full 24 seconds now on our lock screen. Looks really cool, a lot of colors, a lot of action so I could definitely see why people would want to do this now.

One thing that I know a lot of people are going to be asking me about is ‘will this drain your battery?’ and the answer to that is ‘No, most of the time not because it’s going to be a still photo here on the lock screen just like any other photo.

But if you continue you know press down and hold and watch this like a hundred times a day obviously it will eat away your battery life, a little bit but still I’ve tested it and it doesn’t actually drain battery that much even if you do continuously press down and home to view the live photo or the video here. So really not too much to lose and I think it’s a really cool feature, not a lot of people know how to do this and not a lot of people have this as their lock screen background. I think it’s a pretty cool way to differentiate yourself from your friends. Anyways guys there you have it that is how you can set a video the lock screen on your iPhone iPad or iPod Touch without the need of a computer or a jailbreak.

This is how he sets favorite videos on his iPhone. If you have a different way, leave comments below.

Source: Brandon Butch

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