Surging Healthcare Stock: TransEnterix (NYSE: TRXC)

Since 1990s TransEnterix (NYSE: TRXC) has been offering shares to the public with the long term volatility. In 1996 TRXC cost around $13,000 and quick fall in 1997 led to the cheapest price of nowadays. Due to different circumstances the greatest financial empires rise and fall. Is there any motive for TRXC to grow again?

Anything may happen to cheapest stocks but the decisive factor is their lowest prices could aid their top management by injecting temporary funds to revive the dying stocks.

In Q2 2020 TransEnterix reported a net loss and beating estimates revenue. This could tell anyone that the future of TRXC is still bright and full of opportunities. The only thing to do is to develop viable medical devices in improving overall surgical operations.

Richard McEntire

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