The Lord Of The Rings Could Come In 2021 By Amazon Studios, Some Details Spotted As Production Might Start Soon

J.R.R Tolkien’s Middle Earth is likely about to start with release schedules, casting choices, monstrous budget, well-known filming places – Amazon’s upcoming The Lord of The Rings TV series will surprise Tolkien’s fans since Peter Jackson’s Hobbit Trilogy. A question arises: When is the release date? Unfortunately, there is no official release date scheduled but there are a few pieces of information that can lead to an approximate date. Firstly, a legal factor lies on the way. Amazon’s chief Jennifer Salke states that the part of the deal for the rights included that the series had to be in production within two years. She also added that the hope is to have them “on the air” by 2021.

An exact budget of the series is not unveiled yet but the rights alone cost nearly $250 million. Entertainment Weekly informed early in 2018 that the first two seasons are going to double right’s price. Since then the number is going up. Luxury franchise gets as excessive as it is still in high demand.

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In earlier 2019 Amazon Studios tweeted a number of interactive maps via Twitter official account. Each has new annotations and a line from the poem written on the One Ring. The beginning ones depicted the well-known map of Middle Earth shown in the 2000’s trilogy. Next maps were actually derived from an earlier version of Tolkien’s world. For example, Rohan was labeled as Canelardhon – Gondorian province that preceded Theoden’s kingdom at least 500 years. A final map was posted on March 7th, 2019 by Amazon Studios with the last line of the poem: ‘One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them’. The last map has a wider view than the previous versions and has an island of Numenorians which existed during Isildors reign in Gondor.

Amazon Studios didn’t confirm Fellowship actors to be on the screen. However, Sir Ian McKellen was asked by Variety who else shall play the role of the wizard in the new series. He replied: “What do you mean another Gandalf? I haven’t said yes because I haven’t been asked but you are suggesting someone else is going to play it?” The return of Sir McKellen is making sense since Gandalf could live more than a thousand years.

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In 2018 rumors have been spread relating to the return of Gondorian exiled King – Aragorn. But wait, Amazon is going to shoot the second age of the Middle Earth. Aragorn is born after the fall of Sauron. Maybe he might come in last seasons when the Shire appears on the map.

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