Threadripper 3000 Will Have Two Product Lines: Workstation and Mainstream According to Leaks

It was easy to understand the concept of first and second Threadripper generations. To enter HEDT market AMD  offered designs for power users and content creators who need more processor cores to handle Adobe Premiere for example. But now 16 cores of upcoming Ryzen 9 3950 are more than enough for the mainstream. Will AMD keep adding cores and threads to even Ryzen 3 processors? The answer is uncertain now.

A not long time ago published post shows that under AMD 2019 Premium chipset topic there was an update – Model Number: Superset, X570, TRX40, WRX80, TRX80.

Curiosity lies on TRX 40 and TRX80 which would be  ThreadRipper and likelihood for WRX80 to be Epyc. There was a prediction from RedGamingTech channel that there will be two lines of Threadripper: one with 4 memory channels and second likely would have 8.

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On not well-known forum site ChipHell, a user with a name Zoo made a leak related statement that Threadripper will have two product lines. One of them will launch this year and the next professional line will come next year. It is unclear yet the core count difference between mainstream and workstation Ryzen 3000 processors.

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The leak Zoo wrote is in Chinese and Redditor u/Clouddream could interpret in English by making four points.

The last point informs that Zen3 is faster than Zen 2 in frequency clock and it runs on Windows without problems

Source: RedGamingTech

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