Twitter Inc [NYSE] Closes By Gaining 8,92% On Friday. One Year Analysis

On July 26 4:02 PM EDT Twitter’s stock closes by gaining 8,92%, previously closed at 38.12. Should any smart investor by their shares? The company recently disclosed the second-quarter financial report. There are both gains and losses.


In the first quarter, the revenue fell to 786,890 from 908,836 (last quarter 2018). However, the second-quarter revenue shows fewer numbers than the 4th quarter. Thus, gross profit results show the same behavior.

Operating Expenses

Twitter invested the most funds in research and development in the second quarter of 2019. Three previous quarters vary but Q3 of last year is the highest. Selling General and Administrative expenses also rise in Q2 2019 So, total operating expenses increase dramatically, making the lowest operating income 75,469,000.

Income from Continuing Operations

1,119,560 indicates six times bigger number compared to Q1 results. Q2 income tax expense delivers positive and the highest amongst all four quarterly reports.

Net Income

The previous quarter results show negative incomes. Thanks to the negative income tax expense that delivered 1,205,596.

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Because of negative income tax expenses, the share price could go up. If expenses rise the stock might decline.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor