Under $1 Surging Stock To Consider: Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (OTC: RLFTF)

Relief Therapeutics (OTC: RLFTF) is one of the steeply rising stocks since the beginning of August. From $0.0395 to $0.5435 RLFTF has rocketed just during August on the average volume of 14,307,361 shares.

For developing RLF-100, an inexpensive drug against COVID-19 the shares are keen to surge further. In progress, clinical trials are yet to come on the way to challenge the drug RLF-100. If any success comes out RLFTF will skyrocket again maybe by 200%.

Anyone should add RLFTF to the watchlist before losing a possible wealth changing opportunity. Investors have to know that Relief Therapeutics is a Swiss biotech and pharmaceutical firm that still trades the shares on OTC (over the counter).

Richard McEntire

Finance and Entertainment Reporter Richard is a bottle of wine - the older the sweeter. He has already found the sweetest hobby in writing entertainment and finance news for Own Snap. Readers get the updated posts regularly from him searching for real-time news.