Valaris’ Stock (NYSE: VAL) Could Surpass $1 Due To Rising Demand For Oil and Gas

On Friday NYSE: VAL rose 162.12% to $0.9300 nearly reaching $1 mark. Obsessed buyers definitely increased its demand that led to the total volume of  $137,483,273 shares which was ten times bigger than the daily average. Pre-market value confirms that VAL manages to get even $1.54 at 7:14 AM EDT.

Not long ago Valaris announced the first quarter ended in March 2020 financial results.

Q1 2020 Financial Report

Negative $55.5 million quarterly change happened because of COVID-19 lockdown as the economy stopped demanding energy products. The cost of revenue surged by $100 000 only while operating expenses rose by $11.4k. Operating income steadily became negative again with $237.3 million.

Current market capitalization reaches $191.572 million, meaning it is sixteen times bigger than the actual value while its EPS stays negative at $15.4010.

Alex Krakowsky

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