VBI Vaccines’ Gaining Stock (NASDAQ: VBIV), Preclinical COVID-19 Vaccine Under Development

Biopharmaceutical micro company VBI Vaccines faced its stock growing 8.04% to $2.15 on Tuesday. Optimistic investors increased NASDAQ: VBIV daily volume to 11,834,910 shares exceeding average daily 8,756,639 shares.

VBI Vaccines recently reported Q1 2020 financial results that reflect its market value.

Financial Results for the first quarter ended in March 2020

Q1 2020 revenue shrank quarterly by $69k  but became greater than Q1 2019’s revenue by $55. Before creating the valuable vaccines the revenue remains pretty small and operating income negatively. VBI Vaccines has several development programs with final and initial stages. One of them is the anti-COVID-19 vaccine staying in the preclinical test.

VBI Vaccines market value is overvalued by $495.893 million while 12 month based EPS has been negative.

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