Will Lucid Air replace Tesla Model S in competing with Mercedes Benz S Class As Luxury Sedan?

Tesla has been enjoying a great time of having no serious competitor in the EV market due to winning in specs like range, acceleration, price, and mainly software. That might change soon as Lucid has been working on improving those specs. They claim their sedan has the fastest charging around the world and longer range than Tesla premium Model S.

For many years Lucid has been under Tesla’s shadow but now it is the right time to rocket in the EV industry with surprising models that can openly challenge luxury sedans and SUVs of well-established brands like Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Porsche and so on.

According to Lucid CTO (formerly Tesla’s lead engineer until 2012) Peter Rawlinson, Lucid Air is a sedan that challenges S Class of Mercedes Benz, not C Class. While Tesla Model S falls under premium car in front of luxurious sedans Lucid Air is surely deserving to be a luxurious because of its highly pure class design in exterior and interior.

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Actually, Tesla became birth-giving center to many brand new EV companies. Its ex-staff are working on developing other EVs like Rivian, Lucid, Fisker, and Nikola. Experienced workers are the key to manufacturing success and top management of EV makers usually prefer them.

Lucid has prepared SUV and sedan to enter an almost fresh EV market to meet the demands of millions of drivers. The public already knows that sedan Air has 113 kW/h battery pack, 490 miles real-world-tested range, and 20 miles a minute charging (25 minutes needed to full charge). Lucid is beating all current norms now and turning many EV lovers to buy its upcoming sedan Air that has the most luxurious specs and features to compete with Mercedes Benz S Class of 2020.

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