Zen 3 Architecture Based Ryzen 4000 CPU’s Design Is Completed. Wait For New Gen CPU Next Year. Zen 4 is Currently Under Development.

During AMD’s presentation dedicated to EPYC processors, the company talked about upcoming Zen architectures. As far we know, 14nm Zen and 12nm Zen+ are in current products delivering as best as they can. Zen 2 with 7nm architecture is already completed version. Instead of continuing with Zen 2+ sequel they decided to build Zen 3 with 7nm+ by following the numbers. Zen 4 is currently stated on the roadmap and going to be built soon. AMD’s Zen 3 will handle Ryzen 4000 processors which are going to be based on 7nm TSMC FINFET technology. Their design is already completed, just need to implement them for injecting into production lines.

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Credit: AMD via Youtube

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2020 Might Bring a Triumph to Zen 3 Based Ryzen 4000 Processors

If the company will cope with the shortage of Ryzen 3000 lineups and manage finance properly Zen 3 processors may bring a victory to AMD over Intel’s CPUs next year. Winning the market share is not enough to build customers’ trust that can last long. Continuous improvement is only a way to hold a strong position by offering reasonable prices accompanied by the fastest performance.

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