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1-for-18 Reverse Stock Split Allows Novus Therapeutics (NVUS) to Add Over 15 Points

After the swift rise in September Novus Therapeutics (NVUS) decides to decorate its stock in NASDAQ by splitting 1-for-18 reversely amid potential investors prefer expensive stocks. However, short term gamblers will stay away from NVUS as quick buy and sell transactions cause volatility. Above $15 trading NVUS may finally attract long term traders.

The new opportunity seems to come right after the split to NVUS while developing its leading drug OP0201 which is destined for middle ear inflammation with or without infection. However, this week the stock will likely not grow significantly as September’s quick blast.

Perhaps, $20 is on the way next week if NVUS surges slowly at 5%. Looking at negative EPS not many investors will jump onto Novus’ bandwagon, the revenue should make blasting rise to deliver positive earnings as rapidly as possible.