10 Best Gaming Cryptos To Buy in 2022

If you have around $10k in your pocket and want to invest in crypto while enjoying their P2E functionality look at 10 different gaming cryptos that could make you a millionaire in several years. The good news is right at the corner. Today we advise you to consider the 10 best gaming cryptos in 2022 if you plan to retire until 2027.

1. Axie Infinity (AXS), low-risk


Out of  $10k he advises spending $3k for AXS token. Many investors may say Axie Infinity already had its run and now it is going stagnant. Why put 30% in an established coin which may not skyrocket? The reason lies in its lowest risk when we see it in the top 5o ranking cryptos for its market cap reaches $3.4B. AXS may come back to its all-time high of $164.90. It is surely a blue-chip token with millions of holders and 2.8 million active players daily.

2. Illuvium (ILV), medium risk


It is an open world, NFT creature collection, and auto battler build game on Ethereum. $1000 would be perfect for you to spend on ILV tokens. This game is so similar to Pokemon, where you can hunt animals and capture them in a special ball.

You may use your NFT animals in battles and also you can make them stronger by buying additional equipment and chemicals. Rewards are plenty there; they can be earned after you win battles, find them anywhere you can. In the marketplace, there are plenty of surprising things that could be bought with ILV tokens.

The reason why ILV crypto is medium risk is its market cap has lost millions of USD after holders sold their tokens. Right now Illivium is in the top 200 cryptocurrency list with a $340 million market cap.

3. Star Atlas (ATLAS), medium risk


The third rapid-fire crypto is Star Atlas, a grand strategy game that is based on space battles, territorial conquests, politics, economy, and many more. Its website looks so nice and unique reminding me of Avatar and Star Trek. On YT there are many guides on playing the game, when you have free time just check them out. Spending $750 could be wise for ATLAS tokens for the game’s med risk classification.

ATLAS token is still cheap by notifying buyers to get it as soon as they can. Next year it won’t be under $10 crypto. For sure it may skyrocket when the masses will flock in to just play it and get beneficial rewards. Its market cap is $50 million which is alright now and might be fired up anytime. However, the token is slowly going up in ranking because of the crypto market burst.

4. Super Farm (SUPER), medium risk


The fourth gaming altcoin is Super Farm which deserves to spend $1000 on its tokens for it is medium-risk crypto. Getting powerful NFTs may grow your farm larger and be able to deliver many rewards. In its marketplace, you can buy different tools along with uniquely designed NFTs. Additionally, it has plans to create incubating features that can generate more returns for early comers.

SUPER token costs more than $0.59 now while it is number 311 crypto on CG. This is an awesome position when about 10k cryptos are listed in CMC and CG. It has a quite serious market cap of $170 million. Farming games are very good for those who do not rush and have the patients to play for even years. If you are that kind of person just jump into Super Farm now when its token is very cheap.

5. Splinterlands (SPS), medium risk


The number five gaming crypto is going to be Splinterlands, a next-generation collectible card game that allows you to play, trade, and earn at any single time. The game also has regular events, a guild, a physical shop, and many more.

While its token dips around 10 cents it is a perfect time to invest $750 on them. In July and October of last 2021 SPS had record-high prices. This beautiful market scenario may repeat again in the well-established game crypto which has a $62M market cap and takes the #540 rank in GC. Not many influencers are talking about Splinterlands which is the most transacted P2E crypto. Perhaps, its developers are not focusing on marketing yet.

6. MonkeyLeague (MBS), a high risk


The next tiny altcoin is MonkeyLeague which used to be called Monkey Ball. This is definitely a high-risk token that is based on high volatility, therefore you could spend $500 on it so you would not regret it in case of the worst market situation. Only in December 2021, the MBS token has a record high price of $2.58. Right now its market cap fluctuates around $14 million.

This crypto is quite trusted by NFT gamers for its continuous improving platform. Soon, MBS may skyrocket again due to its interesting UI and UX in many apps such as Android, PC, and iOS.

7. Seedify (SFUND), medium risk


The number seven best gaming crypto is Seedify, an incubator, and launchpad. Via staking SFUND token you may have access to buy game tokens before they go public and have a strong chance to win anyone. Currently, Seedify has upcoming pools to stake tokens in eight different games.

It has got a nice earning plan while other competitions have not even thought about it yet. That’s why it is still growing in market cap while reaching $105 million with an attractive token price. In a month it may gain faster so consider buying SFUND now when it is strongly recommended to spend $1000 on this incubator crypto.

8. Project Seed (SHILL), a high risk


Because SHILL token is diving further Project Seed takes a high-risk crypto status today. However, its game is so professionally designed, and the launch app is looking good. New players will certainly keep coming after the SHILL stagnation finishes. Currently, its market cap is decreasing because the game isn’t live yet. According to its roadmap, users may start playing in Q2 2022.

In summer SHILL may rise because of the game’s official launch. That’s why spending $500 on Project Seed is the smartest and wisest decision today. Let’s take a risk and see how much the investment will be multiplied next year.

9. TaleCraft (CRAFT), super high risk


The next risky gaming crypto comes with a plan of investing $500 for its stagnant price moves. TaleCraft has been shrinking in market cap. Right now it is $2 million only but its price looks lucrative for opportunity seekers.

The game is extraordinary for the medieval design and simplistic art in animation. Further development may push its CRAFT token to recover its initial price of $16.60. Risking $500 is the perfect decision for risk-averse crypto investors.

10. Chain Guardians (CGG), high risk


CGG token had three major bumps in March, August, and November of 2021. The next bump might be coming next year and its cheap price attracts any risk-taker who can spare $500 this year.

Its market cap looks great at $15.8 million when other many game tokens have tiny capitalizations around $100k. Chain Guardians reminds me of Tekken and Street Fighter console games. Playing it to earn some gems would be awesome and selling upgraded hero could be perfect NFT profit for your fun life as well.

Bonus Gem. Gaia Everworld (GAIA), the highest risk


Gaia is still developing its fantasy-based metaverse game which may explode soon as it is officially launched. It is going to be an open world and adventure game with many chances to find gems and earn rewards via peer-to-peer fighting. Trading its NFTs will also make you excited when offering six-figure based NFTs would give you regular passive income.

Before the game launches, the GAIA token is facing an obvious stagnation with a small $7.8 million market cap. Be prepared to spend $500 on the high potential game with the highest risk but hidden gems.

Wrapping Up

Before investing your hard-earned $10k do your own research. Any crypto fully depends on the human factor. If developers lose honesty or something bad happens to the team the whole project may cease functioning or coins might lose their liquidity. However, the above-mentioned 10 best gaming cryptos in 2022 deserve your attention. A risking is never risking.

Miriam Bozini

Finance and Business Reporter