Argo Blockchain (ARB.L): Is It Worth Investing Now?

Today, Argo blockchain shares fell by 9.43% to 87.85 GBP. Compared to last year, the shares have grown much since the beginning of this year. In July last year, the share price was 5.46 GBP. The highest value of the price increase was achieved in February of this year and the shares were worth 245.00 GBP. Then the shares began to fall by May, the share price was equal to 161.00 GBP.

Argo blockchain market cap is 508 million pounds today. Each bitcoin is worth £ 23.7k, so you need to have more than 21k bitcoins at the current price at the current value. In May, he has still had the best month, but the mines 166 Bitcoin, at that moment, that time became a 716-bit coin. This is worth £ 17m at the BTC price today. Therefore, to justify the current market cap, investors would be many bitcoins in the future, and banking operations are banking in a company where BTC price increases.

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A stay related to the vanguard of Bitcoin mining requires the best mining platform that money can buy. Argo Blockchain has a good platform now, but these dates will soon take many costs to update.

Lora Nilsson

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