4D pharma (DDDD.L) Shares Pop 4.54% Today Amid Resent News: Will You Think Of Investing Now?

4D pharma shares are up 4.54% today and are trading at 92.40 GBP. During this week, the dynamics of growth in share prices have increased sharply. On Monday, the share price was 81.07 GBP. The next day, the price rose by 87.48 GBP. On Wednesday, the share price reached 92.40 GBP. 4D pharma has announced a contract for the provision of a senior secured credit line in the amount of up to $ 30 million with Oxford Finance, which provides senior debts to companies in the field of life sciences and medical services. The firm included in the list of targets will receive funds in three tranches: the initial tranche of $ 12.5 million at the time of closing, and the remaining tranches of $ 7.5 million and $ 10 million will depend on achieving certain milestones. Oxford Finance has received an order, which can be executed within five years from today, for the subscription of 212,568 new ordinary shares of the company at a price of $ 1.18 per share. Additional orders will be issued as additional tranches are received.

Lora Nilsson

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