6 Hollywood Unbelievable Facts about Popular Movies

In Hollywood, there seems no limit to the entertainment that fills screens of all sizes. Hollywood is home to some of the world’s most jaw-dropping professionals in filmmaking. So you can say the industry has all the tools it needs to craft engaging storylines, especially fictional ones and Disney plus. But as they say, truth is often stranger than fiction. You may not have heard these strange facts about many of the movies below. Certainly not when you may have first seen them in theatre or on TV via a service like Cox customer service number Interested? Keep reading through the list below for some interesting facts you may not have known about your favourite movie titles.

Toy Story 2 Could Have Been Lost Forever

The Toy Story franchise is by far one of Pixar’s most lasting and iconic releases. The first version was welcomed by kids and adults alike. It set the stage for Toy Story 2 to release to a very hungry audience impatient for more of their favourite characters.

Imagine how different our lives would have been without the Toy Story animated films. If you can’t, you’ll be floored to know it almost did happen. Toy Story 2 as we know it was almost lost forever. A breach in one of Pixar’s master terminals allowed malware to attack and destroy almost 90% of the animated Hollywood film’s data. Of course, old hands like Pixar did have an emergency backup facility. But it failed too. Luckily, one of the studio employees had been working on an intact copy from their home. The studio was able to reconstruct the ho Hollywood films without too much trouble. But we came this close to losing it forever.

James Cameron Can Draw French Girls

“Draw me like one of your French girls” is one of the most iconic lines in cinematic history. And it belongs to none other than James Cameron’s romantic blockbuster Titanic. Rose (Kate Winslet) says it to young artist Jack (Leo DiCaprio), who seems to be making a charcoal drawing of her in the nude. While the line has gone on to become a part of various pop culture memes, many forget about the actual drawing itself. Funnily enough, it wasn’t Jack (or even Leo) who drew the charcoal sketch. It was the director himself, Mr. James Cameron.

Ratatouille Gave Rats a New Appeal as Pets

Ratatouille is a more recent animated Hollywood film. But it still managed to capture the hearts of audiences of all ages. People liked the idea of a pet rat so much that there has been a massive surge in demand. Pet stores have never seen so many people willing to give rats a chance as pets. Usually, rats get a lot more hostility than mice. However, Ratatouille has managed to give rats a rebranding. They have become a huge favourite as pets, especially among younger kids.

Raptor Sounds are Actually Tortoises Mating

Is there anything more chilling than a velociraptor? The T-Rex will forever be the face of Steven Spielberg’s iconic Jurassic Park. But if you look closer, you’ll find it’s the raptors that get most of the screentime (or scream time, as many would put it). Those unearthly raptor calls and roars are perhaps the scariest sounds many of us have heard.

Therefore, it can seem quite shocking when you learn about the origin of those iconic sounds. The vicious and bloodthirsty raptors owe their voices to a pair of mating tortoises. Of course, even mating tortoises are rarely as loud or scary, so they had to use a bit of sound editing and mixing. The result is, obviously, bloodcurdling.

Ed Gein is Leatherface, Hannibal, and Norman Bates

When it comes to serial killers there’s hardly a shortage in Hollywood films. Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre enjoyed dismembering people with his chainsaw. He also enjoyed wearing the faces of his victims as gruesome masks. Hannibal from the Hannibal franchise was a suave and sophisticated killer who enjoyed making gourmet meals with his victims as ingredients.

Norman Bates paved the way for the slasher genre in Psycho.

All three Hollywood movies are equally scary in various ways. But what’s scarier is they’re all based on a single real-life serial killer named Ed Gein. When arrested in Plainfield, Wisconsin, police discovered a house full of masks, lampshades, and other oddities made out of human skin.

Anthony Hopkins Was Not the First Choice for Hannibal

Speaking of killers, who doesn’t recognize Anthony Hopkins in his iconic performance as Hannibal Lecter in Hollywood. The cold icy way in which Hannibal toys with his victims. His depraved cannibalism clashes with his love of gourmet meals. His mocking face as he leads investigators in circles. It’s almost impossible to imagine anyone else taking up the mantle.


However, as it turns out, Hopkins himself was not the first choice to play Hannibal Lecter. Cinema legend Gene Hackman was originally going to play the character. He had already purchased the rights to Silence of The Lambs and was also keen on directing the project. However, Hackman backed off once he discovered the extent of Hannibal’s darkness as a role. It went instead to Hopkins, who delivered exquisitely.

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