88 Energy (EEENF) Stock More Than Doubles This Year, Good Chance For JackPot?

EEENF shares have been rising since the 3rd of January by over 200%. There was no news to back this growth but the energy industry has emerged seriously since fearmongering covid-19 pandemic started. At the beginning of January, EEENF shares began a steady growth but on the 11th day, the stock went volatile.

Good trading sessions popped out on 18th January when 22 million shares were in circulation. $0.045 just appeared on the screen and opened a wide path for further growth until EEENF reached $0.0312 on the 20th of January with a volume of over 22 million units. Then dark days came over and continued till the 25th day. Right now the stock is experiencing an uptrend obviously but today it can go down again.