88 Energy’s (EEENF) New Discoveries in Alaska Push the Shares To Record Highs This Year

In the north slope of Alaska, a recent discovery project Merlin-2 has projected a 52% probability to drill 652 million barrels of oil. 88 Energy shares an entire exploration program in a PowerPoint file that describes some discoveries with infographics. Therefore, this February EEENF rises over 30% to $0.0302, was closed yesterday.

Its EPS is near to positive numbers, maybe next year it will grow over 0.50. Let’s wait how many million barrels of oil 88 Energy will drill in upcoming years. We should not forget that the company has not only drilling areas in America. In its homeland, it has some viable projects, and soon in Africa and the Middle East new explorations may start as well while oil prices are climbing slowly.