A New SWAK NFT Is About To Pump And Here’s Why

The SWAK utility token is used to access the SWAK platform and the blockchain network, and it cannot be traded or exchanged on the secondary market. Users can obtain SWAK by paying a fee for content services on the SWAK platform or by obtaining them through third-party exchange platforms.

A total of 10 billion $SWAK tokens will be issued. The most unique aspect of this project is that each SWAK token is a true non-fungible token (NFT). This means that every single character is unique and completely different from any other character. They are not divisible or transferable. This helps protect against counterfeiters. The SWAK team has set aside 3% of all tokens for the project’s development fund.

Additionally, SWAK will be used for community use purposes and make them gradually increase the amount of their NFTs. The SWAK metaverse will also use SWAK as an exchange. SWAK NFTs will be the first project launched by the SWAK team. Soon they will introduce the roadmap and all the upcoming events and updates of the development.