Aadi Bioscience (AADI) Has Received FDA Approval For The Use Of FYARRO™

AADI stock is recovering from a sharp 18.7% drop in just one day, November 10. Its current price is $ 25.51. This stock belongs to Aadi Bioscience, which is fully focused on the creation of cancer treatments with changes in the genes of the mTOR pathway. Its main drug candidate is ABI-009 (FYARRO). The latest news regarding this drug will definitely have a positive effect on the AADI price. Furthermore, an online conference was scheduled at 8.30 a.m. to discuss the newest announcement with investors. You will find access to it on the company’s website on the page dedicated to investors.

Just 2 hours ago, it became known that the FDA approved the main drug Aadi, FYARRO ™, for intravenous use for the treatment of patients with tumors spread to adjacent organs, which makes it impossible to surgically remove them, or perivascular epithelioid cell tumors (PEComa). The Chief Executive Officer, Neil Desai, was delighted with this news and thanked the participants and the medical professionals who participated in the study. FYARRO is expected to launch in Q1 2022.  This is the only FDA-approved drug for this disease in adults, which makes the company more valuable. During the research, it was determined that this medicine can cause hemorrhage, rash, stomatitis, male infertility. Therefore, patients and doctors need to use it with caution.