AbbVie Stock Jumps 5%: What You Should Know?

On the chart for the last month, the high volatility of the stock is illustrated. Starting from July 6 till July 16, the stock was increasing slowly until it sharply felt till $114.05 on July 19. After this fall, the stock started to grow with the slow pace and reached $118.83 on July 29.

Just recently, The AbbVie have released their financial results for the second quarter of 2021. The company reported about the quarter earnings which is $3.11 per share. Also, the total net revenue is approximately $14 billion is up 19.3% on the comparable operational basis and higher for $375 million as it was expected.

All these thanks to the company’s great performance, brand, and to the increasing of the demand due to COVID-19. Additionally, the company also succeeded in the transaction and integration of Allergan. It was reported that the company is achieving great results not only on the stages of research but also at the development of the programs.