ABC Chain (ABC) Dramatically Plunges 52.6% Today! What’s Going On?

ABC Chain (ABC) price chart endures an abrupt decline by almost 53%. The volatility patch follows the crypto. Prices are dropping from $0.00427 to $0.00201, accounting for negative dynamics. Currently, ABC Chain holds a trading volume of $1,122,736,926. ABC chain is based on the blockchain’s distributed ledger system, decentralization, trust mechanism, smart contract, and consensus mechanism, to create a decentralized “traceability system blockchain digital asset” agarwood trading center based on blockchain technology. ABC chain traceability service system uses blockchain distributed bookkeeping technology to provide a secure, tamper-proof ledger, and solves offline problems with high anti-counterfeiting technology.ABC Chain (ABC) Price to USD - Live Value Today | CoinrankingThe crypto writes the traceability information of the goods into the blockchain, then digitize the physical goods, and issue digital assets. In the process of circulation, real-time information is recorded layer by layer, and the whole process of information is effectively monitored. At the same time, this transparent process also improves the trust system of the supply chain of agarwood products. It is hoped that through the traceability system blockchain technology combined with modern management methods, the spirit and essence of this traditional industry will be better inherited.

Miriam Bozini

Finance and Business Reporter