ABC Chain (ABC) Slumps 73%: A Risky Investment?

ABC chain is a reliable and shared distribution of global public discovery chain traceability green rare species, based on blockchain technology. Today in the morning, the cryptocurrency peaked at $0.00819428; later, it is sharply dropped by losing about 73%. At the moment, it is enormously varied and trading at $0.00520971 with a general trading volume of $3,630,013,366. In addition, the strong anti-tampering ability of the blockchain guarantees the accuracy of authenticity verification, and the traceability requirements for anti-counterfeiting can be achieved through the permanent storage of blockchain information.

ABC Chain (ABC) Slumps 73%: A Risky Investment?The general idea of this project is the public network system, which meets the environmental requirements of the ABC network. In the ABC chain public chain system, the discovery and promotion of food of green of rare species with the help of smart devices, the value transmission and protection of distributed green rare species detection data, the distributed green rare species detection network, the distributed ecological maintenance and governance, and the distributed E-commerce network and other applications.

April Sanchez

Business and Tech Reporter