Acala Is Launched On Polkadot

Acala is a multifunctional decentralized finance network, which, in addition to the blockchain platform, also provides cross-network applications that allow users to take various actions to increase their wealth. Acala is working with Current to create products that deliver DeFi revenue to Current’s customers. According to CMC, this project is ranked #316 by market cap with a price tag of $137,042,595. Its one ACA coin is trading at $1.96, only 2 cents less than 24 hours ago. During this period, $2.1 was recorded as the highest price and $1.83 as the lowest.


Acala has now appeared on Polkadot. The ACA token was launched on January 25 of this year and is now transferable, which means that its community can both send and receive, in addition, it will be able to take part in the management of the chain. The network will continue to move along the roadmap, achieving its goals in stages. Furthermore, the network plans to bridge with Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Compound Gateway; the latter even gave a grant to Acala for this.