Adagio (ADGI) Stock Spikes Amid Adintrevimab Updates: What’s Next?

So infamous Adagio (Nasdaq: ADGI) enters the breakout zone by rocketing at least 75% in premarket. In trading hours it may surge further as covid-19 isn’t over although the disaster in Ukraine could erase the virus from news headlines. Its first-ever candidate for combating the virus is ADG20 or adintrevimab which was clinically tested and proved to be one of the most effective reducers in minimizing risks of symptomatic COVID-19.

Adagio is only waiting for the U.S authorities to give approval for distributing the vaccine in the next few days or weeks as well. A very thorough description of what the vaccine can do against covid-19 is available here.

Currently, ADGI is trading at $6.65 on seven million shares which can be only grown. Let’s wait for the day when the company starts commercializing ADG20 widely in the U.S which has millions of covid-19 suffering patients.

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