Addressable RGB ASUS ROG Z11 ITX Computer Case With Patent-Pending 11° Angle Design Is Coming Soon

Shocking news from Asus ROG was erupted today. At last, Asus made worthy ITX form factor PC case for under $300. Specs of this case are staggeringly premium for it’s right price. Full name is Asus ROG Z11 ITX. Currently, the 11 degree angle design of Z11 case is having patent-pending status in US.

Front and back lighting have full featured Asus Aura Sync RGB and as well as Addressable RGB LED immersive exterior. Most important sense here are an unique & efficient Tilt Layout tilts the motherboard tray at an 11° angle. The body is constructed with pure aluminum material. Also it supports wide variety of world’s leading hardware components.

The unique tilt design for motherboard is mainly ensuring high airflow and heat dissipation. The cable management system is done perfect with ROG strap tapes without messy look.

The Aura Sync Addressable controller extension hub has an exclusive ROG cover too. Effortless assembly for most hardware parts could be executed easily.

Downstairs area near to PSU provides effective cooling with filtered air entry. All in all, Aesthetics are 360 degrees design for different people’s taste of positioning the PC case.

Many brackets collection is detected for exotic modular upgrades. PSU bracket and ROG cover looks amazing for neat enthusiasts. Compatibility for PSU type might be no headache for ITX lovers since Asus provides 90 degree converter plug.

AMD Ryzen compatible AM4 socket ROG Strix X570-I Gaming motherboard was waiting for long time for worthy ROG case. So, Asus fans will get what they wanted this time.

Source: Asus USA