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Advanced Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Gen 5: Fantastically Fastest RTX 3080 Ti, Intel Core i9-12900H Inside Make It Fly Like Falcon

This year Lenovo could actually release the latest generation of ThinkPad, a workstation laptop for aspired and dedicated developers and designers who always want smooth and fast productivity. I managed to get my hands on a ThinkPad P1 Gen5 workstation laptop. It’s running intel’s latest 12th gen processors, this specific unit is running an i9 12 900H and the only main difference there is that the 900H versus 12700H is that it has a slightly faster boost clock like maybe 100 megahertz faster.

It’s running on RTX 3080Ti mobile and 8 gigs of VRAM. This one is a hundred watts of total graphics power after the dynamic boost of 16 gigs of ram in dual channel DDR5 4800 megahertz and a 500 gig NVMe SSD, running at gen 4 speeds.

It could be had for about twenty-one hundred dollars right now. The price might depend on your local market.

So the first thing I want to start off with is just the port selection so I’ll start on the right-hand¬†side here So we have a Kingston lock two USB 3.0 type ports and then an SD express 7.0 card reader and then on the left-hand side here we have the 230-watt slim tip charging port. We have two Thunderbolt 4 ports both of which support power delivery and Displayport 1.4, an HDMI 2.1 port is 2.0.

The laptop is so light as you may not feel it while carrying it, just like a real note with a plastic pad. When I push the keyboard hard it does not bend. Quite an amazing design Lenovo came up with this ThinkPad. Even in a thin laptop, there are two fans.

Overall I would say it’s a fantastic device in terms of chassis rigidity, portability, and the input devices that you use to interact with the device day-to-day are perfectly fine. I don’t think anybody will have complaints except if we’re used to some of the older Thinkpad keyboards.

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