Adventure Gold (AGLD) Pops 17% For Today: All About This Token

The price chart shows the growth of the token within 24 hours by $ 0.56. Yesterday at this time the cost was $ 3.16. By the morning, it had grown to $ 3.65  in a resulting 15% profit. The price was declining until 6 p.m., by that time it was already $ 2.68. In recent hours it has jumped 38%. The lowest price during this period was $2.68, and the highest was $ 3.81.  The trading volume of the crypto is $218,565,959, while a market cap is $279,626,255.
Global Cryptocurrency's Market Capitalization increases to a Record US$2  Trillion - NapBotsLoot was launched by American entrepreneur and programmer Dom Hofmann. With the popularity and growth of the Loot Universe, new projects of NFT started to appear. So, at the beginning of September, one of them that attracted worldwide attention was Adventure Gold (AGLD) token. Adventure Gold, created by Ethereum veteran Will Papper, is an ERC-20 token, representing the gold coins, the usual currency in fantasy role-playing settings. Adventure Gold was distributed via an airdrop, all Loot NFT holders received 10,000 AGLD, creating a maximum supply of $ 80 million tokens.