AFC Energy (AFC.L) Share Price Is Dropping: Making a Monthly Decline by 11.62%

For the past month, the company has been rapidly increasing share prices. A surge is equal to 6.35%. However, the current case shows that AFC Energy suffers volatility. AFC Energy reached a new share price of GBP 51.70. The total revenue of the firm is GBp14.54 billion.

AFC Energy PLC is a company that creates alkaline fuel cells that use hydrogen to generate energy. Cranleigh, Surrey, United Kingdom, is the company’s headquarters. It is a publicly-traded company on the London Share Exchange. Roman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire, held more than 15% of the company’s share as of 2014.


AFC Energy has £31 million in cash and no debt as of October 2020. Its cash burn in the previous year was UK£4.2m. As a result, it has a cash runway of roughly 7.5 years, beginning in October 2020. Even though this is only one measure of the company’s cash burn, the prospect of such a long cash runway warms our hearts.

Helen Larsen

After a long week of holidays in 2020, Helen realized she can do better in reporting Finance and Business news for Own Snap. Right now she is our weekend reporter and author. Sometimes she is busy with her projects that are related to her Master's Degree in Finance.

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