AFC Energy (AFC.L) Shares Surge By More Than 200% Over the Year : Can It Go Even Further?

During the last trading session, AFC shares rose by 1.86 %, finally closing the market at 54.70 GBP. Assessing the annual movement – it is quite stable and constant, the shares began to grow from December, and cost 66.90 GBP, after which we see the highest growth of the share on January 4, the shares reached the value of 83.50 GBP. From February to April, the shares were held at the value of 72.40 GBP. From May to June, the shares fell slightly by 64.70 GBP.AFC’s technology is impressive, but its share price is ridiculously high. Based on today’s share price, AOL’s market value is approximately 474 million GBP, even though its balance sheet has only about 1.1 million signed transaction orders. The prospect of 50 new customers who can place multiple orders will surely lead to a sharp increase in total revenue. However, there is no guarantee that this will happen, and we do not know the value of these orders after they are placed.

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At the same time, we can assume that the lack of profitability also brings additional risks to investors. However, it is worth noting that due to excessive fundraising in April this year, the company’s cash balance was approximately £ 61.6 million. This should be enough to run for a while, so we don’t care about its liquidity.

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