Agile Therapeutics Announces Collaboration With Carly Lloyd, US Women’s Soccer Star And Four-Time Olympian

Agile Therapeutics stock fell by 18.92% in the pre-market and is worth $0.7640. Growth dynamics The price of AGRX shares has been weakening throughout the year. Over the past month, the price has fallen from $1.2500 to $0.9423.

Agile Therapeutics (AGRX) has announced a partnership with US women’s soccer legend Carly Lloyd. This partnership will be aimed at empowering women so that they can take advantage of health opportunities and take responsibility for their health.

Agile has built its brand on a commitment to meeting women’s health needs. In February 2020, he received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for his first product, the Twirla transdermal system, a weekly contraceptive patch. Currently, it has four additional contraceptives in its arsenal. The CEO of Agile Therapeutics commented on why they chose Carly. Carly’s position of “always believe and never give up” corresponds to what Agile Therapeutics believes in as a company. Also, Carly fits perfectly into the corporate culture, conforms to the values, and understands the importance of women’s empowerment.