AgraFlora Organics International (AGRA.CN)’s Stock Soars 33% And Has Been Stagnant Last Three Days

The AgraFlora Organics trade varied from Can$0.0200 on 24 June to Can$0.0150 on 29 June, and from Can$0.0200 before selling. In the next three days, after falling at Can$0.0150, the amount has now stabilized. Ultimately, the trade recovers its shares but does not increase. Capitalization of the common market is 38 million.
Fiona Fitzmaurice was appointed new CFO of AgraFlora, with the final clearance of the Canadian Securities Exchange, on 1 May 2021. (“CSE”). Peter Nguyen, former CFO of Agra Flora, has decided to leave the firm friendly in order to make it possible for Fitzmaurice to take over as the new CFO.

In the past, Mrs Fitzmaurice has been the CFO of a number of companies including MacDonald Mines Exploration Ltd., Pasofino Gold and Mojave Jane. In consequence, Fiona has extensive competence in the auditing, securities, financing and purchase of corporations. As a basis of her expertise, Ms. Fitzmaurice held an Accounting and Finance Bachelor from the Athlone Technology Institute of Athlone, Ireland.

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor