Alba Mineral Resources (ALBA.L) Shares : Does The Burning Of Money Cause Concern To Shareholders?

Over the past year, the share price has increased by 239%. Today, the share price is 0.2700 GBP. During the month, the share’s indicators have been growing upwards. Since January 17, the share price has been 0.2683 GBP. Two weeks later, the shares fell slightly by 0.2221. From June 24 to June 30, the shares rose to 0.2800 GBP. The highest price growth reached on July 13 and amounted to 0.2888 GBP. In the past twelve months, he spent 590,000 GBP. Therefore, since November 2020, it has taken off at the box office for 2.6 years. Alba Mineral Resources had no revenue last year, which shows that it is a company in an early stage of development and that the company is still developing its business. Alba Mineral Resources’ cash flow has decreased by 25% in the past year, demonstrating its caution. Due to the lack of substantial operating income, Alba Mineral Resources makes us a little nervous.

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You may already know that we are quite satisfied with the way Alba Mineral Resources is spending money. In particular, we believe that the decrease in cash relative to market value demonstrates that the company has far exceeded its expenses. While the reduction in cash spending isn’t that impressive, it’s still a good thing. Taking all the measurements in this article together, we are not concerned with the rate of combustion, which appears to be controllable.

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