Alibaba (BABA) Stock Plummets 19%: China Holds E-Commerce Platforms Accountable

Today’s stock price is almost $ 40 lower than a month ago. At the beginning of the month, the price was $ 201.46. Starting from that day, it commenced falling every day. In the middle of the month, on August 16, it was worth $ 181.6, which is 10% lower than on August 2. This continued until 23 August. On that day, the worth reached its lowest price at $ 153.2. The next day, it jumped to $ 172.06. From 25 to 30 August, the cost fell and today it is $ 162.2

China plans to tighten up for e-commerce companies, supervision, such as Alibaba and Pinduoduo, including by making them accountable for intellectual property violations. The E-commerce platforms will be limited in doing business on the internet or even be revoked their licenses, if they can’t deal with serious violations of intellectual property rights by vendors on their platforms, according to a draft revision of the country’s e-commerce law posted by the State Administration for Market Regulation.