Alpha Lithium Surges Amid EVs’ High Demand For Long Range Batteries

According to Alpha Lithium (OTC: ALLIF), demand estimates for 2025 based on 14% EV penetration are approximately 1,000,000 tonnes LCE. Just in 2018, the demand for lithium was 350,000 tonnes LCE. Rechargeable devices and EVs are significantly multiplying lithium mining sites but the cost for an EV battery is shrinking due to additional tech employed.

Alpha Lithium’s revenue is surely soaring due to new mining sites and high demand for the resource. So, ALLIF will follow the rising revenue and earnings by gradual surging. Other mining companies will rise too, but do they have cheap stocks?

Right now ALLIF may cost around 50 cents (U.S). After the fall since July 10th, the stock could bounce and even rise higher.