Altered Life NFTs Go Live Today

Altered Life is a collection of Androids that have been created using Ethereum. Each Android has its own unique trait, such as weapons, backgrounds, and clothing. It’s a 10,000 NFT collection. Five different templates have been created with over 50 traits. With over 300 traits in total, this collection is one of the most diverse 10k collections out there. The creators of the game, Molly and Luca Accio, are an English duo that brought the concept of Altered Life to life. Their NFTs are made with the finest materials and are designed to complement the grim storyline of the game.

Earth is at a tipping point, with humans being unable to provide enough resources. The controlling bodies must act to secure their future. The controlling bodies of the world have grown significantly beyond the reach of most governments. To secure their future, they must carry out a planned massacre. Project Bloodletting is the result of this plan. It involves the removal of those who were deemed expendable.