Altimeter Growth Stock Comes Back Strongly: What’s The Buzz?

The stock price is showing signs of improvement today, gaining 5% to $14.81 in pre-market trading from its previous close of $14.00. However, within a week, the stock market has oscillated between $13.34 and $13.64. After the market closed on Friday, the company has announced that On November 30, Altimeter Growth Corp will host an extraordinary general meeting to seek approval from shareholders for the merger. The US Securities and Exchange Commission had pronounced Grab’s registration statement “effective,” paving the path for the transaction, which is Altimeter Growth Company has encouraged shareholders to approve the proposal.

Data AnalyticsAccordingly, it states that regardless of the number of shares held, every shareholder’s vote is significant. As a result, you may vote in person or by proxy at the Extraordinary General Meeting if you are a holder of AGC shares on the record date. On November 11, during the webcast of the company’s results for the third quarter, Grab CFO Peter Oey said that, subject to receiving approval for EGMS, it will be able to close the business combination with Altimeter Growth Corp and be publicly registered within a few days. Separately, Grab will earn US$4.5 billion as part of the agreement, which includes a US$4 billion PIPE.

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