(AMZN) Stock May be Getting ready To A Nice Pop Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) stock is currently one of the safest bets in 2021. Most stocks focusing on big ideas often soar significantly only to plunge spectacularly. This is a trend for most stocks with exceptional growth narratives, but not all can be rewarding. Amazon is an exceptional pick, and the stock is worth watching in the current hyper-bullish conditions. (AMZN) Stock May be Getting ready To A Nice Pop

With the pandemic-prompted surges reaching limits, most tech stocks are facing losses. With normalcy, returning investors are concerned about the pervasive investment theses of the stocks in 2020. Some investors are wary of the future, and they just want to take profits. However, Amazon is one play to watch because its success is certain despite what is going on.

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AMZ solidified its strength during the pandemic, and it has been a good play for a while.  The company has forayed in several sectors from food provision to logistics, video streaming, gaming, AI, and video streaming. With operations in almost every sector, Amazon has become a big corporation, and it is worth watching in the coming months.

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor