( AMZN) stock Slips Towards $3100 Despite All The Good News Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) stock has been among the top momentum stocks, and it has rewarded investors considerably. The stock moves quickly, and it seems it is overreacting in one way or the other. At the beginning of this month, the stock dropped 10%, having rallied 24% ahead of its earnings report. Interestingly in February, the stock had a 15% correction, and so far, year to date, it’s only 1% up. ( AMZN) stock Slips Towards $3100 Despite All The Good News

Although the prospects for Amazon stock look dim in the near term, it is luster in the long-term based on accomplishments and from a scoreboard perspective. The stock is likely to have a great breakout, and this is the trigger to get in. Amazon recently had two fails, and when bulls breach it, there will be a 500-point runway. Most importantly, the genuine opportunity for the stock is in the scope of its operations.

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The e-commerce retail doesn’t have to make a case to prove anything since it has disrupted every segment they have forayed into. Interestingly, Amazon is cheap among mega-caps, and in the coming months, it is worth watching.

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