AMC Entertainment (AMC) Stock: Bulls Are Back With a Bang

AMC Entertainment Holdings (NYSE:AMC) shares have been on the move this month, and the stock seems to have retreated from unexplainable levels at the beginning of the year. Recently, the stock regained momentum, and it has surged almost 50% this past month. On Monday, the stock jumped over 6%, and it appears a lot of things have been going AMC’s way.

AMC Entertainment (AMC) Stock: Bulls Are Back With a Bang

The announcement from CDC that vaccinated people are protected from the coronavirus and don’t need to wear masks whole outside is good news for AMX. This means that people can start packing their movie theatres to full capacity. Also, its capital raise last month and the attraction of more retail traders are contributing to the gains.  The company announced that it raised $428 million in a stock offering to boost its balance sheet.

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Interestingly, these positive developments geared towards long-term recovery are attracting more investors to the stock. For long-term investors, this is a stock to watch given positive signs with pre-pandemic normalcy expected.


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