AMC Entertainment (AMC) Dips 3%: What Details You Should Be Aware Of?

Starting from $45.84 on September 9, AMC Entertainment (AMC) stock was increasing until it reached $52.75 on September 13, which is the highest one during the last 5 days. After this peak, it started to fall down and reached $47.32 for today. The market capitalization of AMC is $24.281 billion while the total volume is more than 65,414,705 shares. Starting from this year, the shares of AMC Entertainment Holdings increased by more than 2,266%. Among 8200 securities, which is listing on Finviz, AMC has doubled.
However, since the end of January, there was some fracas within AMC because the short-sellers were betting that the company will apply for protection from bankruptcy. However, the company was able to survive by selling the shares and by releasing high-interest debt which was so unexpected to the short-sellers. And during the several days, the shares of the company has jumped from $2 till $20. Since the vaccination is helping, it might be implied that it will have a good impact on the company.

Richard McEntire

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