AMC Entertainment (AMC) Is Witnessing Parabolic Rise: Where Will It Stop?

The stock price chart shows that AMC Entertainment (AMC) is moving parabolically, moving from $50 to $60. When moving up, the shares rose by more percent than when moving down – this is a fairly good result. The latest jump may bring some good news. AMC stands at $56.90.

Will AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC) Stock Continue To Increase Or Collapse Following A Big Surge?The company started the summer season “on the wrong foot”. Despite the increase in stock prices, the firm might be susceptible this summer. The audience steadily declined in each of the three subsequent weekends: May 28-31 ($98.3 million), June 4-6 ($66.1 million), and June 11-13 ($57.0 million). In other words, last weekend only 1.5% of the country’s residents went to the cinema.

Right now, AMC is a superior company. It took advantage of last year’s downtime by implementing mobile concessions ordering, private screen rentals, and next-generation seat reservations across the board. It is also trying to motivate its millions of retail investors to become consumers, if not brand advocates.

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