AMC Entertainment’s Unaudited Fourth-Quarter Results Boost Its Stock Price After Hours

Studios are known to be unable to own movie theaters under an executive order that is part of a set of antitrust rules. But starting from August of this year, this law will no longer be in force, in connection with which such large studios as Disney and Warner Bros. Pictures, will try to acquire cinema chains.

The main target will naturally be AMC Entertainment, which owns about 1000 cinemas. Now the situation with the stock price is as follows. The stock of the largest cinema chain fell by 39% to $16.86 in the first month of 2022. During this period, it plunged to a half-year low of $13.74. After hours, the worth gained 2% due to the company’s unaudited 4Q report.

According to preliminary results, total revenue for the 4th quarter ended December 31 last year will be $1,171 million, which is $1,009 million more than the same period in 2020. Adjusted EBITDA will be between $146 and $151 million, while the net loss will be in the range of $114-194 million. Thus, available liquidity is projected to be $1,801 million. According to the Chairman and CEO, AMC Entertainment’s results have improved markedly over the year ended. Keep in mind that actual results may differ slightly from the above.