AMD “Artic” Desktop APU Is Allegedly Detected With Low Graphics Frequency, 35W TDP & DDR4 3200MHz, Beats Ryzen 7 4700U & Ryzen 5 4600U

New AMD APU “Artic” Codename is leaked by prominent hardware enthusiast _rogame. Surprisingly, this SoC package is very similar to Ryzen 4000 series Renoir APUs in many ways but it seems to be heading onto Desktop market according to _rogame informer due to 35W TDP rating and lower iGPU clock frequency speed which is only locked at 1200MHz. However, CPU score is significantly higher than Ryzen 7 4700U and Ryzen 5 4600U respectively because they are locked at 15W TDP.

Another obvious Desktop oriented feature of Artic APU is pure clocked DDR4 3200MHz RAM speed compared to mobile Renoir chips only having LPDDR4 4266MHz to save some power in a laptop machine. Next characteristics for your budget dream is that leaks suggest that this APU might be in a budget category being Ryzen 3 for Desktop market.

Really thankful to AMD’s open source driver release codes. They always reveal what this company is planning in near future to shake up Intel’s party again and again. Soon to be released Intel Rocket Lake CPUs with integrated DG1 graphics may compete with Renoir or Artic Desktop APUs for the budget and mainstream gaming crown. Greatest part of Intel vs AMD competition is the competitive pricing term that general consumer will always enjoy to get valuable hardware for their gaming PCs.

Wait for Artic AMD APU release date to be announced soon because Vermeer Ryzen 4000 Desktop CPUs will come in September this year. Obviously, Artic APU will have Zen 2 cores despite being a latest chip due to Renoir architecture characteristics with Vega iGPU. Artic’s 3GHz CPU clock is no joke to Ryzen 3 fans, probably, official AMD announcement will release effective boost clock frequency numbers.

Source: _rogame via Twitter