AMD Athlon 3000G APU Plays Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Definitive Edition, Amazing 30+ FPS Stable Frame Rate

Gaming salvation comes from AMD APUs and retro game titles indeed, during this GPU shortage. Rockstar games publisher has launched Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Definitive Edition with enhanced visuals and major performance fixes for latest PC hardware. Something goes unnoticed by APU lovers, “does GTA Trilogy run on Athlon 3000G”, the cheapest APU with strong Vega 3 integrated graphics.

The revolutionary open world game back in 2003 was GTA III with long storyline and immersive visuals in 3D just have been tested by RandomGamingInHD YT channel. Despite getting definitive edition in title, GTA III runs at 35 fps on average using AMD Athlon 3000G when put on lowest settings of 720p resolution.

Next in line for cheapest APU performance is GTA: Vice City with enhanced lighting and improved physics packaged for definitive edition. Of course, Athlon 3000G produces a decent amount of 32 fps and above at 720p resolution on lowest settings.

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Lastly, GTA: San Andreas gives some goosebumps for retro gamers on Athlon APU budget while improved it’s visuals. So the legendary longest GTA story title achieves 36 fps on average at 720p without a major glitches. Hopefully, Radeon software developers could squeeze some extra frame rates to save budget gamers from GPU shortage.

Alex Krakowsky

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