AMD Athlon 300GE spotted with 12nm Zen+ CPU and 14nm Vega/Picasso GPU

In 2019, AMD has brought many surprises for budget gamers with its Picasso 12nm APUs like Ryzen 5 3400G and Ryzen 3 3200G with improved Vega 11 and 8 integrated graphics. This time around the hardware leaks exposed by QYE user from Chiphell Chinese forum via twitter. Specifically, respected user-provided screenshots of upcoming entry-level AMD APU Athlon 300GE. The caption was written as “the processor part is 12nm ZEN+ and the graphics part is 14nm Picasso”.

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Another surprising image details revealed that Athlon 300GE is from 2016 product since it is probably a rebadged processor package from first-gen Zen architecture. Most anxious people will ask about core count and thread numbers since multithreaded games are getting popular after Zen CPUs launch. Furthermore, integrated graphics is 14nm Picasso branded name according to leaker’s claim. Certainly, the latest Radeon Vega integrated graphics are also called Picasso GPUs. In a nutshell, budget gamers and emulator fans would really enjoy the valuable experience from Athlon 300GE if these leaks are true.

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Source: ChipHell via Twitter

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